Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Front Page - Whoot!

Just a quick update -

Yay! Always nice to be on the front page! (See the Treasury and Alternates here.) A huge thank you to Etsy seller Earcandyarts who made the Treasury! (Go check out her shop!)

Happy Autumnal Equinox!

Ms. B has had "First Day of Fall" marked on her calender for a while now and has been very excited about it. We've been talking about what the equinoxes and solstices are, and she gets that whole concept, but she's been convinced that since today it is officially fall, that all the leaves would start falling, right on schedule. I've been trying to explain that it might take a little while, but she was having none of it.

Huh. Should have listened to her! :) (Yup, they're starting a bit early this year, it's been a very cool year here so far - hoping that keeps up right through ski season!)

Did you notice the cardboard all over the backyard? It's a playground for their matchbox cars, they say. Proving yet again that all kids really need to have fun are cardboard boxes...

We do have a lot of cardboard at the moment, though, thanks to a trip to IKEA a couple weekends ago. We bought two new couches for the living room! Still deciding on the rug (may switch it out for a chocolate colored crazy deep pile shag, and move this one to their play area), but I'm liking it so far...

And, obviously, the arm of the new leather (yes, that's orange leather) couch makes an excellent roadway for trains... (Hey, there Madeline the cat in this photo, too!) That's my little 4 harness loom in the background - our living room is long and narrow - about 24' x 13' - so we've got it broken up in zones, sort of. Behind the camera is the natural disaster known as the Play Area.

Still have to switch out the artwork and finish painting the walls, but, it's getting there...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Boston Ahts Festival

A long-overdue blog post! Finally! I've had an incredibly busy month so far, I'm actually pretty surprised I've managed to survive it.

September 11 - 13 (Friday - Sunday) was the Boston Ahts Festival - I had a booth in the artists' village and had fabulous time! Saturday was rained out, but I still managed to sell just a huge amount of work on Friday and Sunday, so I was really very happy... It was held in Christopher Columbus Park next to the North End in Boston, right on the waterfront. Here are some pictures.

Setting up on Friday... (the seated woman was my neighbor) - I was smack behind the pillar on the left with the vine growing over it. Argh! LOL. It didn't matter, in the end.

A shot of part of the harbor - it was very grey, rainy and cold on Friday!

Booth shot from Sunday morning - on a gorgeous day! I'd already sold what I think of as my signature piece (the shawl I use for my banner in my Etsy shop) by now... So the second 16-shaft advancing point twill scarf that I made on my new Weavebird was on my mannequin at this point. (Sold it, too!)

The foor traffic on Sunday was INSANE.

Harbor again, on Sunday evening, as I was heading back to my car, a happy weaver indeed...

So, that was a pretty busy three days, and, no sooner had I finished with that, then I was scrambling to finish my prep for a lecture to the New Hampshire Weavers' Guild on Wednesday. The lecture was actually a lot of fun, the attendees for my little class were fantastic, I talked a mile a minute, and the slide projecter worked with PowerPoint/my laptop on the first try! Yay! It was my first time leading a class, so I was kind of nervous, but I think it went well in the end, and now I'm not at all nervous for the follow-up lecture in October...

And in the midst of all this personal chaos, someone else in the family was having a pretty important day/reaching a milestone as well...

Ms. B started kindergarten! (Here she is showing off her new school backpack, about to head off with me on her first day - I swear I could travel to Europe for two weeks with only that backpack, lol - happily all she carries in it now is a file folder of papers and sometimes her favorite stuffed animal.) Her school is right down the street, so we walk to/fro every day, it's been very nice watching the leaves start to change... And she is loving school, that's my girl!