Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wednesday Artist Profile - Gock's Frocks

We were walking back from the library a little while ago and I realized that I hadn't done my Wednesday artist profile yet - oops! At the same time I was thinking about how nice Ms. B looked in one of her new summer outfits, and thought - oooh, kids clothes, that's fun!

Which led me to thinking of the absolutely delightful Kristen of Gock's Frocks. (Even if she is a Yankees fan, lol...) I love the clothes she makes! For example...

Check out that beautiful skirt! Made with gorgeous Moda fabric - I love those colors (perfect for red-headed Ms. B! Hmmmm.....) And, as an add-on, she can make you a custom shirt to go with the skirt:

Great outfit. (And absolutely darling model!)

How about a three piece outfit?

I love the detail! The ruffles on the pants, the coordinating kerchief, it's fantastic.

OK, one more item. Something for my little walking man:

So adorable!!

One last thing - if you would like to check out her wares in person and you live in the New York area, visit Vida's Market on May 31! It runs from 10 am - 7 pm and is at Wallace Hall in Saint Ignatius Loyola Church at 980 Park Ave. (between 83 and 84th Streets) in New York City. For more information about the Vida's Market, visit its website. And to learn a little more about Kristen, visit her blog!

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temptressyarn said...

I absolutely love Kristen's skirts and have been eyeing them for some time now. Her work is so gorgeous, and I had no idea she had boys clothes so I need to check that out (for my 'walking man', almost 18mo now). I hope she does well in NYC this weekend!