Friday, June 20, 2008


I often get the question - "How do you do it all?? How do you take care of the kids, the house, weave, run your Etsy shop, blog, etc.?"

Honestly - I don't. No Super-Moms around here. Though there is a Super-Bella and Super-Conall-Baby:

(They've got capes on - Bella will stand in superhero pose, fists on her hips, cape flung over her shoulders and say "Fly my cape for me, Mum!")

I neglect the housework pretty shamefully (really really need to get back on the Fly Lady schedule - I don't follow it to the letter by any means, but her idea of spending 15 minutes a day decluttering is brilliant, I think...).

And when we're getting out and about and doing summer stuff, everything slips... We've had a fun couple of weeks though.

A birthday party:

Trips to the playground with friends:

Just playing out back:

I have actually managed to post some things in my Etsy store last week and this week, too, after most of them sitting around, finished, waiting for me to get around to taking pictures of them for quite a while. That actually has gotten easier - the only tough part now is catching the good morning light in my studio.

I'm still weaving the second scarf using my second batch of hand-dyed tencel, so no updates there. (Ridiculous, those scarves are very quick to weave and I just haven't gotten around to it, argh - I did weave off the warp on my big loom in my studio on Wednesday evening, though!)

So, I neglect the housework, I neglect my blog (oops), I'm haphazard about updating my Etsy store, and I even wimped out of the June Open Studios at WAS!

And I have a super-secret weapon. Carlos (Mr. SkiingWeaver). He's fantastic. He gets up with Conall at 5:30/6am most morning and lets me sleep until 7am. (That alone is cause for sainthood.) He does dishes, handles bedtime when I go to the studio in the evening, mows the lawn (usually with only minimal prodding, lol), scoops the cat litter *and* is the V.P. at his company. Goodness.

So, obviously, I don't do it all. :) And I think anybody with kids under five years old who says they do is either compulsively organized or has a cleaning lady (wouldn't that be nice??). LOL. I just muddle through and thankfully my family doesn't freak out when I get behind on vacuuming or laundry...


Anonymous said...

What great fun summer pics! I cannot believe (well, actually I can) how gorgeous Bella is! And Conall is turning into such a handsome little boy! (I still remember him as such a doughy little guy:) I'm with you on FlyLady; haven't done it for ages but definitely noticed a difference when I was doing even the 15 minutes or the "missions." Anyway, hugs to all and hope to see you over the summer...xo Tia Lexi


Don't worry about the housework, eventually it gets done. I had three kid under 5 and trust me no one died from dust bunnies of overflow of laundry, and my hubby did bathrooms!! Have fun with your kids and enjoy the journey it over too fast and before you know it your getting ready to ship them out to college, trust me been there done that. :) BTW your kids are gorgeous!!

gonga said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you. I beat myself up all the time about letting the housework slip while I'm creating, I tell myself I can't have everything, so the housework suffers!!!I have two fab kids, who are happy. One understanding hubby....What more could I want?

Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

Oh my gosh!!! Your husband IS a saint!!! If you ever lend him out to coach other husbands of weavers, please let me know;)

knix hand knit said...

Thanks for the chat! that's what it seemed like when I read your entry. It's soothing I think to hear how other artist/busy people/mamas do it, whatever it is...housework, art, family...creating a balance if possible I guess. It sometimes seems like there is a super hero mama worrier inside, and then you open your eyes.LOL It all gets done doesn't it. Thanks again.
Have a grateful day

sonrie said...

beautiful scarf. I also weave and have begun washing to see the effects of wool felting with cotton.