Friday, July 3, 2009

Camping, Recital, Rain, Roofers... And My First Weavebird Project

My card reader is working again! Hooray! (Was having trouble reading the memory card from my camera, and I just don't like posting photo-less blog entries.) So, brace yourselves, lots of photos to follow (including a weaving-related one at the end!).

Our campsite at Pawtuckaway State Park (everybody in jammies still) - we were right on the water! A mama duck with eight ducklings would visit every day - and we saw tons of egrets and heard loons and built a campfire every night, it was lovely. Apart from the rain (every day except one). And the fact that I came down with a terrible flu that basically knocked me out for 10 days (mostly at home).

The kids loved having the water right there - and nobody fell in!

Home again, and it was time for Bella's dance recital...

(These pictures are actually from the Dress Rehearsal - but she did wonderfully both days!)

And, we went to Kimball's Ice Cream with Ginga (my Mum) after the recital. Yum! (Isn't that a cute bag she's carrying?)

Notice the sun? About the only days it has been sunny for the entire month of June have been Saturdays, it's been awful! We are getting our roof replaced (as I type they're up there banging away) and we've been waiting forever - we signed the contract in May. Crazy. The poor roofers must be losing their shirts because of the weather!

And, finally, something weaving-related. I had to use my flash, so the picture doesn't really capture the colors, I don't think, but this is my first project from my Weavebird, going into the sink to be washed - it's a 16-shaft advancing twill (with a 212-shot treadling repeat!!) - in bamboo.

I figured I had enough to get used to on the first project (Texsolv heddles, which I like, very quiet), an overhead beater (which I also like, just a bit different motion to get used to, but also very easy), and a new treadling method (because the Weavebird is a compudobby - my brain kept expecting an open shed on both treadles, lol, but, no, one open the shed, the other closes it). So I stuck with a familiar yarn - Bambu7 sett at 20 epi for the twill - and am really happy with the end result.

I was a little afraid that I would find weaving on a compudobby a bit boring - I've always enjoyed the physical action of treadling, it reminds me of playing the organ, which I did sometimes back in the dark ages of my youth - but I loved it! The colors and pattern were just so much fun to look at, I didn't get bored at all. I've got enough warp left to do another scarf in this colorway, I'm hoping to get in to the studio sometime after the 4th...

Speaking of which - Happy 4th of July to everyone! Here's hoping for sunny weather for us Northerners and a bit of a cool-down for the South!


Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

I'm sorry to hear that it rained your whole camping trip! I'm sure you're little ones made the best of it;)

Ok.....the first Weavebird project ROCKS!!! I love the colors and the pattern is amazing!!! :) I check blogger everyday to see if you've posted......this is much anticipated and it's just wonderful!!! ;)

skiingweaver said...

(Is Shannon [Sunrise Lodge, above] the sweetest ever or what??)

Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

No! YOU'RE the sweetest!;)

Seriously!!! You rock at this;) That scarf is totally rad!!!

Timothea said...

Oh, Bella looked beautiful!! I bet you were so proud at the recital :)
The family camping trip looks fun too. Can't believe how big the kiddos are getting!

marion said...

I really love the colours of your weaving project. Is it a shawl? I hope you make a picture of it when it is finished?

Lynnette said...

Your first Weavebird project looks fantastic, what lovely colour choices. I'd love to get another glimpse when it's finished as I'm sure we're only getting a peek!

skiingweaver said...

Oh, thank you guys! And yes, definitely, I will post more pics of it! Just need to find some time... LOL. Story of my life.