Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lowell Spinners

Double S affiliate of the Red Sox. Gotta love a minor league baseball team with a fiber-related name!

We went to the game on Sunday and had a great time - it was my first minor-league game (I've been to Fenway many times!), and it was a complete riot. And both kids got Jacoby Ellsbury bats (he's so dreamy! lol, channelling my inner 17-year-old).

Bella is all set to give them a helping hand (they could have used it, they got smucked by the Batavia Muckdogs).

Little Man fell asleep on the way. (I'm wearing my Sox cap, of course, old and beat up from years of gardening while wearing it.)

It's really a very pretty little park - our seats were down the third base line - you can see Wannalancit Mills in the background.

Just waking up...

Bella liked the making noise part.

Tickles for Conall from Papi.

Fun was had by all. :)


Kimberly said...

Baseball (as a spectator sport) is one of my and dh's favorites. Ever since we've discovered minor league baseball games, they're even MORE fun. The kids love going too. Do they play silly games between innings at yours? I swear that's half the fun!

skiingweaver said...

Yes, all the between innings stuff was a riot! They had dogs that did frisbee tricks (those dogs got the biggest rounds of applause all day), goofy fake sumo wrestlers, the mascots "raced" a little guy around the bases, etc. etc. It was so much fun! Almost forgot to watch the game!

Life Looms Large said...


I just signed up for your class at the New Hampshire Weavers Guild in October.

Looking forward to meeting you!!


skiingweaver said...

Oh, how fun!! Looking forward to meeting you, too, Sue!