Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Good grief. It's snowing. Better than sleet! :)

Snowdrops in the snow beside my house. :) There's almost an inch of it out there now, and it's coming down hard - fat, fluffy, wet snow that sticks to everything. It's actually really pretty. Makes me feel like celebrating Easter Sunday by.... Skiing! LOL!

One of my favorite Easters was the year Carlos and I went to Lake Tahoe for the weekend (when we were living in Texas) and skied at Heavenly on Easter Sunday. They scattered plastic Easter eggs all over the mountain for the kids to find, and people would re-hide them so they kept turning up in fun places. I picked one up and rattled it all day, guessing what was inside - a fun/silly game. We opened it on the plane ride home (chocolate, no big surprise, but still, it was fun). Of course, having been back to Tahoe since, I'd choose Squaw over Heavenly any day... But, man, you can't beat the views of the lake from Heavenly, it's a beautiful mountain, though not particularly challenging terrain-wise.

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