Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Pretty or Ugly?

So, I finished the pink/white/chocolate Ms&Os scarf - just need to take some photos of it and I'll get it posted here... I actually wound up liking the stripes in the end, they're quite nice.

And, of course, I have a new project on the little loom. I've had some lime green alpaca/silk yarn lying around waiting to be used, so I combined it with some fuschia (sp?)-ish alpaca/silk yarn and black bamboo and am weaving an old stand-by pattern (shadow weave). I think I like it but I haven't decided yet.

Hmmm, the lime looks a little lime-y-er in real life, I think. So, pretty or ugly? :)


Kivy said...

I think it's perfect for the right person, but that person isn't every joe on the street... The pattern is lovely!

skiingweaver said...

LOL - very diplomatic answer. Hi Kivy!! It's the same pattern that you chose for your headscarf! :)