Friday, March 14, 2008

Monks Belt

Hooray for Ginga (my Mum) - she's in the living room playing with the kids, so I'm stealing a minute to post a picture of my current-ish project on the little loom:

Monks' Belt! Haven't messed around with it at all in quite a while, but I always like the idea of overshot-type weaving, just because you really don't find it in commercial fabrics. As the pattern weft in this portion, I used some hand-dyed rayon boucle that I picked up almost two years ago at the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Festival. I've got some more hand-dyed variegated yarns lying around that I'm going to give a whirl as well. The idea is to weave either soft scarflettes (the warp and tabby weft is black 8/2 tencel) or yardage to make little zipper pouches. Though my sewing machine and I area not exactly the best of friends...

The big loom *still* isn't in my studio. But at least now it's disassembled and just waiting to be moved over and re-assembled. Hopefully tonight! Knock on wood!

On a personal front - Carlos finally straightened out the non-compete nonsense with his last company and has officially started at a new start-up, Cambridge Analog Technologies (CAT), whoo-hoo!

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Lynn said...

That looks gorgeous!