Monday, March 31, 2008


Does anyone else struggle to stay motivated?

I do, from time to time... Having kind of a blah day today (probably because I stayed up way too late last night). Normally I'd go to the studio in the evening, but I have no idea whether I'm going to work up the gumption for that by the time 6:30/7 rolls around and Mr. SkiingWeaver comes home from his (new!) job.

I am thinking of applying to a couple juried art/craft shows for the fall, though. If I manage to get accepted to any, I have a feeling that the sheer terror at the thought of having a sparsely-populated booth will keep me motivated all summer! On a related front, I'll be participating in my first Open Studio Saturday at Western Avenue Studios this coming Saturday, so I've been spending some time figuring out how to display my work, buying a knuckle-buster (credit card swiper), and things like that. I have no idea how many people come through for the Open Studios, but I hope some folks show up!

I did finish a very nice, light-colored shawl over the weekend (that's what I was up too late last night doing - twisting fringe)... And I have a bunch of things to post in my shop, I just need to get around to it! Argh!


luluvillage said...

Dear Kristin,
I fully encourage you to apply for a juried exhibit:
while a rejection might be tough- think of an upside-being featured in a show! And your pieces are beautiful, they deserve a chance!! You go girl!

temptressyarn said...

I struggle with motivation all the time. With two kids and hubby working from home, it's so easy to be distracted-busy-tired. I must add that your weavings are so beautiful and complex looking that I find it difficult to think you could lack motivation.

blackmustard said...

Mr. SkiingWeaver, I love it!

I agree with luluvillage, you definitely deserve to be in a juried show. Your work is gorgeous!

(blackmustard at EtsyFAST)