Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I'm finally getting around to taking some picture of what I've woven lately, so I can get things posted in my Etsy shop... Lots of blues lately, and purples, too. And, if you peek, you can tell that I'm working on some teals on my big loom at my studio. Goodness, I'm going to need to work with some different colors after my custom orders are all done!!

Mr. Skiingweaver, wearing the scarf he got for Christmas (he's going to *hate* that picture, poor guy, lol). And, yes, our Christmas lights are still up. Finally took the tree down over the weekend - though I think I'll be sweeping up needles for weeks!

And a custom cashmere and bamboo scarflette that is on it's way to Los Angeles as we speak!

The whole scarflette idea has been kind of interesting. When I brought some to the Weavers' Guild of Boston sale this fall, the person who juried my work jokingly told me I should plan my warps better (i.e. she thought I was making a mistake by making them short).

And yet, they sell really well (including at the WGB sale)! I think it's because not everyone is tall, not everyone wants a huge amount of scarf, and, of course, I price them at about half of what I price my full-size scarves. I have found it difficult to find a balance between higher and lower price points (mostly because I absolutely hate to sew, so I have no patience for making little zipper bags/checkbook covers, that sort of thing), so the scarflettes seem to be a nice compromise.


Gwen said...

Oh those scarves are so beautiful! I can't wait until I can make something that gorgeous... (Although I know it will be a while!) I get my shuttle boat, bobbins, bobbin winder and warping board today (according to the UPS site). I'm hoping to try threading my loom for the first time this weekend! :)

Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

Oooooh!!! What a treat to see all of those fabulous scarves lined up on your loom! And how great is it that your husband is wearing his Christmas present. If I could weave Carhart into a scarf I *might* get my husband to wear one;)

Marie said...

Your hubby looks very handsome in his new scarf.

Our Christmas lights are still up on the outside of the house. We keep waiting for good weather to take them down. Hasn't happended yet.