Sunday, January 11, 2009

Purple - Color of the Year?

I really enjoy checking out Pantone's color forecasts each year... I tend to really only pay attention to the fall/winter ones. And this year, the feature color in the fashion forecast was purple!

Since I like purple anyway, I tend to weave with it regardless - but boy were they dead on with this one! Everything purple that I made over the past few months (and I wove quite a few) sold really quickly... And I'm working on three custom orders right now - and, yup, each of them has purple in them.

It's also been kind of interesting to watch the color showing up elsewhere - Coach had some fantastic purple bags this year (drool) (and I'm not even a bag type of person!), even the ads in Dwell magazine (another fantastic design inspiration resource, I love this magazine) had lots of purple! Anybody else notice a lot of purple going on in the world, or am I just overly conscious of it (like when you get a new car and suddenly start noticing the same make/model everywhere you go...)?

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