Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Mom/Fiberholic's Dilemma...

OK, so there are all these evil after-Christmas sales going on out there, as we all know.

I currently have about $100 of really really cute kids' clothes sitting in a checkout basket at a high-ish end children's clothing shop (on-line) and I'm sitting here trying really hard NOT to check out. These kids already have more than enough clothing - heck, the second one (boy, due Jan. 5) hasn't even been born yet! He really doesn't need yet another outfit with penguins or bears on it. As for my daughter (3 the end of February), I know if I spend that much money on clothes I'll just be bugging her not to get jelly/yogurt/paint/markers/dirt on them, which is really unfair to her, kids should be able to play! That's what $4 Target t-shirts are for after all...

So the dilemma has now morphed into - I could spend that $100 on fiber instead. Oooh, some yummy Zephyr (wool/silk blend) or Alpaca/silk yarn to weave with... That would be fantastic.

Am I horrible to want to spend the money on fiber for me instead of more clothes for my kids? (Or, better, saving the darn money in the first place!)

I must say, though, I do now understand why my own Mum was forever buying me clothes and nothing for herself - kids clothes are so much fun!

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