Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Two Posts in One Day?

I have the feeling I probably won't manage this very often in the future!

I did manage to list another scarf on etsy today, though, here's one of the pics. It takes me forever to list items, I don't know why. Hopefully it will get faster as I get more used to it... A dress form of some sort would probably help quite a bit.

Man, though, I am loving shadow weave (this scarf is in a rosepath shadow weave pattern). So many pattern possibilities! And so far I've only done it on my little four-shaft loom - when my hubby manages to find time to set my 12-shaft loom back up for me, there will be so much more to try out.

It can be a little difficult to photograph the patterns - natural light really helped with this particular piece, I think.

It came out so wonderfully soft... I love Zephyr (wool/silk blend) and bamboo yarns, and together, they're even better.

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