Thursday, July 5, 2007

Home Again!

We are back from camping in Maine! We had a lovely time, killer mosquitoes notwithstanding. (Maine skeeters make Massachusetts skeeters look really wimpy in comparison).

We camped near Camden, in Camden Hills State Park. Camden is so lovely! A beautiful little port town, complete with Windjammers (have to wait for the kids to get quite a bit older, but I've always thought a Windjammer cruise would be a fun thing to do...). A picture of Camden Harbor:

Bella had a great time finding snail and mussel shells right near here (where a river empties into the harbor over some lovely falls, so its a pseudo-fresh water/marine environment).

We visited the Owl's Head Lighthouse, too:

We also hid in the really nice Camden Public Library quite a bit on Wednesday and Thursday - it was WICKED hot out and the (excellent) kids room had air conditioning...

OK, one more picture...

Yup, that really is a stripey cow. :) They are Galloway Belted cows and they live on Aldermere Farm in Rockport, Maine, next door to Camden.

On a fiber-related note, I tried to stop by the Hope Spinnery to check out their yarn, but nobody was around - probably should have called first, but my phone was dead, rats. I really like the idea of a wind-powered spinnery... Maybe I'll order their color/sample cards.

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