Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ms. Madeline

Who's the pretty girl? :) Meet Ms. Madeline, latest member of the household. Calmer heads prevailed (mine, lol) and we just adopted one kitty cat. That's enough for our sweet Iko cat to handle for now - he's a good guy but he's very shy.

Happily, Madeline is about the sweetest cat I have ever met. Seriously. She loves everybody, even the baby. Iko has worked up to approaching her and touching her nose with his before he takes off to hide under the dining room table. She hasn't so much as said 'boo' (or 'hiss') to him, she's very willing to be friends, so I think they'll be great together eventually. She even spent most of last night on Bella's bed - great cat! Very talkative, constantly purring, and in need of some exercise (a bit pudgy).

We didn't chose her name - she already had it at the shelter (she's an adult, 8 years old). Not sure if I should change it - we have friends with an absolutely lovely daughter named Madeline, so it's a little weird to have a cat with the same name...

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