Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bamboo on NPR!

OK, so we're serious NPR junkies in our house... (plug for our local station, WBUR, home to great programs like On Point, Only a Game and Here and Now).

At any rate, there was a blurb all about bamboo yesterday on Morning Edition!

Listen to it here.

How cool. Like I've said a gazzillion times before, bamboo makes fantastic fiber and is soooo much more environmentally friendly than regular cotton - so great to hear that the word is getting out about it! And I would love to see more of it grown in the U.S. (what fun, maybe in my little fantasy life I'll be a bamboo farmer now as well as a grass farmer) (sheepherders = grass farmers). Now if they would just come up with a closed-loop processing system like they use with Tencel, it would be perfect...

Also, on a personal note and in case she's reading this - hello to Michelle Kwan! (No, not the skater.) Thanks *so* much for forwarding my info to Jose, we've had a great time catching up after all these years... The internet can be a wonderful thing, especially when it brings lovely people back into your life.

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