Friday, August 31, 2007


I have been *hugely* lame about finishing projects lately. Finishing meaning - once something is off the loom, it tends to languish in storage because I procrastinate horribly about twisting fringe and washing/drying, etc.

So, I finally got around to twisting the fringe and washing the alpaca/silk/bamboo fuscia/lime/black scarf that I wove ages ago! Here it is...

(OK, random side topic here - how the *heck* do you spell fuscia? Fuschia? Fushia (no)? Everything I try comes up wrong, but none of the spellcheckers actually know what word I'm trying to spell. Hmph.)

In the end, I wound up liking it quite a bit. I really do lean towards brighter/more saturated colors, I think. The grey/white scarf on my little loom right now (pictured below) is boring me to tears. Poor thing. Oh well, I'll finish it up quick and maybe it will find a good home at the Weavers' Guild of Boston annual sale, coming up in November...

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