Friday, August 24, 2007

A Drafting Oops This Time

Good grief. It seems to be my month to make mistakes.

I'm in the midst of another shadow weave project (been a little while since I did one, I was in the mood again). I wound warp, got it on the loom, threaded, etc., and started to weave:

The colors are actually nicer than this picture shows - white, two shades of grey and a steel blue, with accents of deep red running through it. (I realized after the fact that I had unintentionally used my alma mater's colors - red and grey.)

Anyway, do you see the big fat error on the right side? It's not symmetrical. Bugs the hell out of me. This isn't a threading error - I threaded it the way I meant to - it's a drafting error. I needed a mirror image of the left side on the right side and I blew it. Whoops.

Mr. Conall was actually in the mood to nap yesterday. Amazing. After two weeks of never napping more than a half hour (kill me now, lol), he actually took a two+ hour nap yesterday mid-day. WOW. Gave me time to fix this!

So, I unwove (is that a word?), took that little hunk of 11 ends back through the reed and heddles, re-threaded them, tied on again, and started over:

Ta-da! Better, right? Can you see the difference? I sure can, no longer bugging the heck out of me. I think the whole thing will relax a little when it's off the loom and I wash it, but I like the Xs and Os, this is a fun pattern.

Hopefully, that's the end of the mistakes for a little while!


Alpaca Granny said...

I love reading about your weaving projects, Kristin.
(and, no, I couldn't find the mistake until you redid it)

Lis Tan-Chaong - 陳 俐 杏 said...

I couldn't find the mistakes too! I tried to enlarge the image large enough, and gosh, where's the mistake?? LOL

So much talent there. have fun always!

Lis (saplanet)