Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy October!

Hooray for October! I love fall. :)

And hooray for naps - I actually got a scarf finished, washed, the fringe trimmed and everything over the weekend, and today I managed to take some pictures of it during Conall's morning nap:

It's black, white and fuchsia (so that's how you spell it!) bamboo. You'd think bamboo would stop surprising me - I've worked with it enough now, I know it's going to turn out wonderfully soft and drapey, and yet, every time I'm amazed anew...

I love the graphic quality of this scarf - enough, actually, that I'm planning a baby blanket in black, white and various bright colors. Babies really do respond to high contrast items (my kids both loved staring at these black and white patterned soft blocks that their Tio Ernesto and Tia Lexi gave to them). Not quite sure why baby blankets are always insipid pastel colors. Probably to please the moms - so how about a blanket the kid will like to look at, and that's really easy to wash (hooray for bamboo again), to make Mom happy? Well, we'll see, I'm sure I'll like it, but who knows if anyone else will!

Must scoot to try to get this listed in my Etsy shop before he wakes up...

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Alpaca Granny said...

Good to get caught up on your life. Enjoy hearing about the wee ones. And this is another lovely scarf.