Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hooray!!! A Very Happy Tuesday!

It's official - the Red Sox have signed Mike Lowell (3rd Base) for three more years!! (In case you missed it, he's my absolute favorite baseball player - and he won the World Series MVP this year! Whoo-hoo!)

Apart from his excellent playing, he just seems like such a class act, a real team guy. Doesn't crave the spotlight, quietly gets his job done, works hard, and is a wonderful liaison for the Spanish-speaking baseball players (he's Puerto Rican, just like my hubby and kidlets).

And, here's another reason to be happy:

Snow! And Stowe is open for skiing! (Man, I hope we can manage to move to Vermont sooner or later... Or at least build a little ski house/yurt up there.)

Oh, and I sold a scarf yesterday. :)

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Gledwood said...

Re that bench photo... it came up on blogger play just now... and reminded me that since we've all been "globally warmed" we do not get frost or snow here in London hardly at all...

did you know in about 1600 the River Thames used to FREEZE OVER every year in Central London... that is TOTALLY UNHEARD OF NOW...

there definitely IS climate change...


THAT is the question!!

"Vol 2"...