Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Midnight Air

Whoof, what a morning. But I did manage to get outside to take photos of three scarves while Bella was at preschool. Conall had a great time crawling in all the leaves and grass and getting muddy...

Here's one of them:

It's rayon chenille - I don't weave with it very much anymore, but the yarn always works up so soft and cuddly, I probably should use it more often. I found the hand-dyed novelty rayon yarn (it's kind of boucle-ish, with little twisties in it, very pretty) at last year's New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival and it's been hanging around since then, waiting for inspiration to strike. I used it both as normal weft (the stripes) and as a supplementary weft (the middle designs).

Here's another picture:

It really was fun to weave. Maybe I *should* do more rayon chenille!

Current projects on my looms:

- on my little loom: overshot fabric (with bamboo warp, organic cotton tabby weft, zephyr for the pattern weft), probably for pillow, but I'm not sure yet

- on my big loom: just starting to wind warp/thread a bamboo/zephyr combination in warm browns/rust/copper/curry colors in shadow weave, also probably for pillows.

I'm on a pillow kick, I guess. Nice to be doing something a little different!

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Woven ~N~ Spun said...

that is so pretty. I just finished my first woven chenille scarf yesterday and decided that I am in love with chenille and want to try more. Thanks for showing your projects.