Saturday, November 17, 2007

On a Posting Role...

I seem to be on a role with the posting thing lately, so I thought I'd keep it up.

Here's a picture to keep you a little interested, lol:

Somebody thinks his big sister is the best thing EVER.


On weaving fronts - Carlos was at work today (sigh) so I got zip accomplished. Managed to sew up another pillow during the goofball's (very short) naptime, though, using interfacing this time and it is much much better. It will be in my shop as soon as I can manage photos of it...


Runner Gurl said...

Those are two of the sweetest baby cheeks I've ever seen in my life!
: )

Lovely babies... Fabulous weaving... Terrific blog!

Gail... off to look at your etsy shop

skiingweaver said...

I love your blog, Gail! Thanks for stopping by! :)