Saturday, December 29, 2007

An Inkling of an Idea...

Look what Santa brought me!

It's a Schacht Inkle loom! It's a lovely little loom, very sturdy, and very easy to use so far. It seems like it would be a really nice way for somebody to figure out whether they like to weave without spending $1000+ on a floor loom...

I trekked out to Webs on Thursday to buy it, actually. (Along with more yarn, of course, good grief, my name is Kristin and I'm a fiber addict...) Webs is having its year-end sale, and they put their Tencel (which I use) on sale - hooray! I bought some knitting yarn, too, that was marked waaaaay down.

But my main reason for going out there was to buy this little inkle loom. How fun! Pretty easy to use, too, the most time-consuming part is making the string heddles (those bright blue strings you can see in the picture) and warping it. The weaving goes very quickly; since inkle looms make warp-faced fabric, that makes sense.

I'm using my Bambu 7 yarn so far and it is working very nicely. Strong, relatively inelastic, and non-sticky (good for warp faced fabrics).

My Mum took one looks at another of the ribbons I had made and said - "this would make great trim on clothes!" Which got me thinking.... Maybe some handwoven clothing is in my future!

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