Monday, December 3, 2007

Messy Snow

So the snowstorm that has been making its way across the U.S. landed here in the Northeast last night - and was kind of a letdown... Just a couple inches of very wet snow, and now it's been misty-raining this morning. Oh-so-much-fun to shovel. Everybody helped Carlos shovel the driveway this morning:

Bella was having fun - in last year's snowsuit, no less, I couldn't believe it still fit (hooray for LL Bean!) - Conall looks like he's not so sure about this wet and cold stuff. I'm kicking myself for procrastinating yet again on cleaning out the flower beds - it will be a mess in the spring if this doesn't melt, yikes...

On weaving fronts, I got lots of fun mail today! Some *gorgeous* silk samples from Treenway Silks, and two new weaving books - Fabrics that Go Bump, edited by Madelyn van der Hoogt and Inkle Weaving by Helene Bress. Fun! I was thinking of building an inkle loom (they weave long straps of fabric - I have ideas mulling around...) but after looking at the plans in Ms. Bress' book, I think I'll be lazy and just buy one. Maybe a road trip to Webs or Halcyon Yarn is in order.

Last but not least, we got an invitation to a wedding in New Dehli (India) in the mail! Carlos' very nice friend from work, Kush, and his lovely wife, Lindi, are having a wedding in December in India. A chance of a lifetime! ARGH! (No passport for Conall - and that would be a really really long plane flight for the little guy... I've got to get on top of that passport situation pronto.)

We've made them promise that they'll take us to India when the kids are bigger and able to remember/enjoy the trip... But, man, how neat would it have been to go to a traditional Indian wedding?? On the other hand, they wouldn't have much time to spend with us, and I would really love to eventually see some of the country - with a native, no less, that would be fantastic!

Sigh. Oh well, we're hoping to make some sort of trip this coming fall, destination yet to be chosen (back to France? back to Italy? back to Spain? or something new like Ireland or Scandinavia? So many choices!).

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