Monday, December 31, 2007

Lonely Scarflette

So, I had *just* enough time during Conall's morning nap to drink some coffee and then scoot out in the snow (yup, snowing again, but not too much, just a couple inches) and take pictures of this little scarflette:

I managed to list it in my Etsy shop, too - where it now sits, in solitary splendor.

It's that turned Ms and Os again, in bamboo. I like this structure. I actually wove two full-size scarves from this warp too, using different weft colors. One went to my Mum for Christmas (hi, Mum!) and the other is going to wind up in my shop once I manage to photograph it.


island sweet said...

hi kristen. i was admiring your scarflette earlier today (i had one posted today too) and then came home to see your note on etsyfast (i joined yesterday). love your work and love that you're using such "green" materials. look forward to seeing more. happy new year.

skiingweaver said...

Thanks so much! So glad you joined etsyFast, it's a great group of folks, very supportive...