Thursday, May 6, 2010

And a New Studio Too

I have a new studio space at Western Avenue Studios! Very excited about it. It's on the third floor, instead of the fourth, near the passenger elevator, and a bit larger than my old one, so now when people walk in they don't walk into one of my looms. There is actually space for a little retail area.

This is what it looks like when I'm standing in the door looking into the studio - I have little shelves set up near the front where I put my journals during Open Studios, and where I wrap up scarves, etc., too.

Still has two big windows, but much less sun - I can actually see the back of the wing of the building that I used to be in as well as a bit of downtown Lowell. (I loved the canal from my old windows, but you had to actually walk over and look straight down to see it, which I didn't wind up doing very often.) I miss the sun, but I don't miss the heat at all! I really like the exposed brick, too (the brick in my old studio was painted white).

Terrible photo. But you get the idea - this is to the left of my doorway - I actually have a reasonable amount of space to hang up my scarves, room for my mirror, etc. That's my stash back there, more room for that, too, it feels like!

My main worry has been finding a good place to take photos for my Etsy shop - I don't get the natural light that I did in my old studio. I scouted around outside for places, gathered up an armful of scarves and the Scary Mannequin (so dubbed by Ms. Bella), and headed for the stairwell....

Where inspiration struck! Great natural light in the stairwell! Fun kind of industrial-looking peeling paint on the bricks, too. Problem solved. And the photos came out just fine.


Lynnette said...

Congratulations on your new, bigger studio space, it looks wonderful and very, very tidy!

skiingweaver said...

Thanks! The tidy part will probably be short-lived, though. :)

MalinSj said...

It looks wonderful. Good Luck//MalinSj

Ullvuna said...

Hi Kristin,

I completely love your items, very simple and unique.

I am a weaver myself, please fell free to visit my web page, I would love to exchange some knowledge with you in the future!

Love from Chile!!