Monday, May 17, 2010

Coptic-Bound Journal

I've been obsessed with books lately... And have started learning sewn bindings. Fun! I started with just paper around the covers, to learn on, but have just made my first one using handwoven fabric...

So, here are the front and back covers - I've already covered them in handwoven fabric (turned twill blocks in organic cotton and 10/2 cotton from Webs), and the inside face has a nice sheet of Thai Unryu/Mulberry paper.

Next, I made folios of 6 leaves (12 sides) (I think that's the right way to say it) of handtorn paper, and used my awl to poke holes in them - the phonebook is a great jig!

There are seven of them, waiting their turn to be bound to the covers.

I've started binding the first folio to the back cover (note my daughter's Hello Kitty scissors...)

What the stitching looks like inside.

Getting there! (Neat little rows of Coptic stitching around the edge there). And, of course, I'm running out of waxed linen thread...

So I add a little more. That's a slip knot about to strangle the end of my thread that was getting too short. The book binding literature calls this a "weaver's knot" which actually kind of cracked me up, because I've never, ever used one before! (I assume it would be used to repair broken warp ends, but I do it differently, I don't like to leave a knot in the warp.)

Hey, it's done! Cool!

Really like how it lies open nice and flat. Great for sketches/journaling, I think.

Yay! I'm keeping this one, there are goofs in it, but I like it. :)

Kyna (pronounced key-nah) - my faithful assistant. (Yes, we have a puppy. She's half Lab half Golden Retriever and is almost six months old! Theresh a good girl, yesh.)

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