Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Noodling Along

Ever have one of those days/weeks? I feel like I've sort of been treading water so far this week.

I'm working on two projects - an 8-shaft plaited twill scarf on my big loom, and another shrinkage experiment on my little loom. They're both very nice projects, but they're also slow to weave, or so it feels... I like the shrinkage experiments, but, MAN, are they boring to weave. I've gotten so used to weaving with two shuttles/multiple colors, that weaving with just one weft is kind of dull.

But I think it will be pretty in the end - here it is on the loom:

Photos of projects on the loom always end up looking washed out. Hmph. It's black merino, with blue and teal tencel stripes - the merino will shrink and the tencel will poof, as before. I've made it narrower and I'm making it longer (yawwwwwn, lol). I think I'm going to have to start dying some yarn to make these projects more interesting, because I am *really* liking the poof effect. Was also thinking of making some chokers/neckwarmers out of some of this fabric eventually...


jen hook said...

Oh i really can't wait until I know enough about weaving to creat fabrics that go poof and am up to dying my own colours! You are an inspiration. I have my first class on Sunday!

skiingweaver said...

Oh, thank you! :) Enjoy your class - weaving seems to just grab people (or turn them off completely, lol) - so beware, if it grabs you, you may soon be swamped with equipment and fiber!