Saturday, January 6, 2007

Design thoughts...

So, given that I'm an Irish sort of girl, I've been trying to think of ways to get some fun Celtic knots/symbols/spirals/tree of life, etc., graphics into my weaving.

I've been aware of using devore for surface design of handwovens for quite a while, but the latest issue of handwoven magazine ( - a good basic resource, some months I love it, some months it could go directly into the trash) has an article about the process that finally got me thinking about how to apply it to my own work.

Since shadow-weave uses two colors, generally (or two shades, etc.), I could use an animal fiber such as wool, cashmere or silk yarn for one color and a cellulose fiber such as Tencel or my beloved Bamboo, for the other color. The devore process involves burning out/eating away the cellulose fibers in controlled areas, which leaves just the animal fiber behind in those areas... Might be really interesting with, say, a hand-dyed variegated cashmere or wool yarn (like the one I bought from Fearless Fibers...). Using shadow weave might also result in a little bit of float in the burned out areas, which I think would make it that much more interesting.

Hmmmm. Might be time to get out my graph paper and figure this out for real.

Anyway, after a piece is woven, I could burn out an area along the length of the scarf/shawl/whatever (wall hanging??) in this shape, e.g.:

(Image courtesy of:

The trick will be to pick a shadow weave design that won't be too busy/detract too much from the burn-out motif...

Can't wait until I can start dying my own yarn again (nasty chemicals not good while pregnant), I could also paint some lovely shaded warps that gradually change color from one end of the piece to the other that would show up in the devore sections.

Just my latest thoughts! I should go weave a little now before my back calls it quits for the day, especially since lovely hubby is around to watch/play with equally lovely daughter.

Oh - and I'm tickled pink that someone posted a comment about my absurdly high nerd score. LOL. Hey, somebody besides my mother read my blog!! Wow!!

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