Tuesday, January 2, 2007

To Buy or Not To Buy...

Hmph. So, Webs is having their year-end sale (http://www.yarn.com) and I'm mulling over buying some mill-end silk/wool yarn for a really fantastic price. Not sure why I'm even hesitating over it really, except maybe because I'm feeling shopped out after Christmas... Also thinking of buying some yummy alpaca/silk yarn from Webs, too, even though it's not on sale - it's exactly the type of fiber I love to work with.

I did manage to get over it and buy some gorgeous hand-dyed yarn at etsy from Fearless Fibers (http://fearlessfibers.etsy.com), check it out:

Doesn't that look scrumptious?? It's cashmere - I've never worked with cashmere before, it's going to be fun. Yum yum. Might have to keep that for myself...

Oh, just go spend some money, Kristin, you're running out of the good stuff anyway, you've been a productive weaver lately!

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