Friday, January 19, 2007

Knitting Hats

Hey, it actually snowed a little last night and this morning! Fun! Bella and Carlos are out playing in it, Conall is actually napping a bit, and I'm fighting with Adobe to download some photos. Don't know why I'm having trouble today, harumph.

Anyway, I've had my hands pretty full since Mr. Conall put in his appearance, and when I have had a minute to myself I've been knitting. I tend to go on little knitting jags - I'll get really involved in a new project for a few days and then my attention span expires and the project sits unfinished for months or even forever. Do all knitters have this problem?

A great solution to it, though, is hats - especially hats for babies/toddlers! Easy to knit (I'm hardly an expert) and I generally manage to finish them (I'm a pretty slow knitter, too) before losing interest. So, here are two hats I just finished...

Theoretically, the cloche on the left (knitted from some hand-dyed yarn I picked up at the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Festival last fall) is for Conall. It's still kind of big for him.

And the cupcake hat (with the kind of lame pom-pom) on the right is for Ms. Bella - but it's kind of small for her, though it does go on. Cute pattern, huh? I found it on-line....

I altered the colors a little (pink does not get along with red-haired Bella) but it came out pretty good, I think - and I managed to knit it pretty quickly, too, on some pesky double pointed needles, which always feel pretty awkward using.

Oop! Frozen Toddler Bella and Papi have come inside for some hot cocoa - and my Mum just arrived too, have to scoot!

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