Thursday, January 4, 2007

Weaving, Winding and Waiting

I've been working on another bamboo/zephyr scarf, this time in two shades of blue and black, and I think it's very yummy. Here it is, in progress, on my little four-shaft loom:

It's a little hard to see the pattern, but it's the rosepath shadow-weave again, but simpler, with just one wide stripe, and I'm really liking it quite a bit... I used the Fibonacci sequence to plan the stripes in the purple/black scarf (below) but stepped away from it a little bit for this scarf (3, 2, 6 - 6?, oh well, it looks good to my eye...). A little less busy than the previous version (3, 2, 5, 1) and I think a little cleaner because of that.

I'm trying to weave some each day, but it's getting a bit difficult, physically, to sit at my loom for any real length of time.

So, I've been winding yarn, too! :) A while ago I got four HUGE hanks of silk/rayon chenille yarn in rosewood and champagne and I've been avoiding dealing with getting the yarn into a more usable form. My kingdom for a yarn swift and ball winder! But, I've finally gotten around to starting to wind the skeins into balls.

Pretty, hunh? It's really soft to the touch even before weaving/wet finishing, it will be fun to see how it feels after I weave with it.

Apart from that, I'm just waiting. Waiting for Rotten Son to decide to greet the world. My official due date is tomorrow, but I've felt ready for quite a while now... I had my weekly checkup with my midwife this morning and if he doesn't decide to put in his appearance on his own, I'm going to be induced next Friday, probably. Joy. Not what I want, but he's getting really big and we don't want him to wind up hurt, after all (babies that are too big can wind up with a dislocated shoulder or even a broken collarbone - not good!).

It's a bit of a let-down, honestly, since I managed a completely natural childbirth with my daughter (25 hours of labor, a good deal of it back labor, sometimes I think I'm crazy to be doing that again - and whoever said you forget all about it LIED LIED LIED, lol). But the important thing is a healthy baby, after all. And I really want to meet this little guy! I want to see if he has his Papi's lovely dimples! Or his sister's red (!!) hair! (NOT likely, Carlos has even darker hair than me, the red was a shocker...) Well, with any luck he'll be born on his due date, just like his sister was (talk about setting a tough precedent...)

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