Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bella is skiing!

I love snowdays.

For anyone who doesn't live in the Northeast - Mother Nature decided to grace us with the first snowstorm of the year (in the Boston area at least) for Valentine's Day. It's wicked cold out there, and for a while it was sleeting. Lovely.

But Carlos and Bella went outside before it got dark and cross-country skied all around the yard, even set up a good system of tracks - and Bella was doing it all by herself! Hooray! I tried videotaping them but every time I picked up the camera, Conall would start to cry. I swear he's psychic. :) So, we have some shaky footage of Bella skiing with her Papi (and Papi actually having to kick to keep up) with Mr. Conall's preferred soundtrack in the background.

Proud of my girl, though, she done good.

Carlos was home for the day and I actually got quite a bit of weaving type stuff accomplished - started to warp my big loom for a silk/wool throw with an 8-shaft shadow weave pattern and wove some of the scarf that I have on my little loom using the lovely hand-dyed cashmere yarn I bought on etsy paired with a silvery Tencel for a little sheen.

Ugh. Conall is hollering again, time to scoot.

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