Saturday, February 10, 2007

A sale!

Hooray, hooray, I'm hopping up and down in excitement - well, at least I was yesterday afternoon... I sold another scarf through my etsy shop! I'm enough of a newbie at the selling thing that I still get really excited and I tend to channel Sally Field ("You really like me!").

This is the one that sold:

See what I mean about needing practice on the photography part of things? Bless my customer's heart for buying it despite my lousy photo...

On other fronts, I'm ->this<- close to finishing the silk chenille scarf that's been on my little loom for a while now. Just need to find the time to weave another five inches or so. Making a sale generally lights a fire under me, so hopefully I'll get it done, the fringe twisted, washed and posted before the weekend is over.

Hooray! A sale!

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