Monday, February 5, 2007

Blue Bamboo/Zephyr!

Finally - I finished twisting the fringe, washed and pressed this scarf...

And actually got outside today (in the *freezing* wind) to take a couple photos of it. Amazing what sort-of fresh snow and sunshine do for the quality of your photos! Who needs a light box when mother nature is in the mood to cooperate? Hooray! Finally some decent photos! (An ongoing struggle for me...)

I like them so much, here's another. :)

It's the same weave structure as the purple bamboo/zephyr scarf I posted earlier, but the colors really pop on this one... More of a contrast between the light and dark blues, maybe. And I adjusted the stripe proportion/positioning, too. I like them both, but this one is better, I think.

Wow! A fiber-related post! About time!


ellie said...

So beautiful!

fibergal said...

This just quickens my pulse. Lovely!