Monday, February 26, 2007

Another Knitting Kick - Lots of Pictures

Maybe it's the weather, I don't know (finally feels like winter here in Mass.) I'm on another knitting kick, fun-fun!

We had Bella's birthday celebration a little early yesterday... It's the big 3 for Ms. B. Here's the birthday girl...

I only wish I could knit a sweater that pretty! Ha! But, I did knit this hat for my Mum (it's her birthday today! Happy Birthday, Mum!)

That's the back of her head. :) Not too bad for my first real attempt at Fair Isle knitting, right? Got the yarn from knitpicks ( for reasonably priced knitting yarn) and the pattern is from the book Knitted Tams by Mary Rowe - I borrowed it from my library (hooray for the library!), but liked it enough to actually think about buying a copy for myself.

I also made this doo-hingy for myself from a pattern from

It still needs a button - it's kind of a knitted headscarf, great for people like me who tend to wear their hair up. [The critter on the right in the picture is Iko the Curious Cat - watcha doin', Mum? Does it involve something to eat? Sweet kitty.] It was really fast and easy to knit, a fun little project. Check out the pattern here:

(If you are a knitter, by the way, and haven't been to knitty, go now! Lots of wonderful, creative, funky patterns, for free.)

And yet one more project! I just started a top-down sweater for Bella (and chose colors that Conall will be able to wear eventually too) - it's in a cotton/lycra yarn so it will be nice for spring, too (assuming I finish it - though the fact that the pattern involves no seams makes that much more likely; I detest sewing seams, I have two other sweaters I made for her sitting around waiting for me to finish them, sigh).

I've never knitted with a boingy yarn before, it's fun so far!

That is, quite possibly, the ugliest kitchen counter on earth...

I have been doing some weaving-type work, but it's been sloooow. Hopefully I'll get back on the stick in that regard very soon. I've been hanging out on the etsy forums instead of working in my free time lately. Bad girl. Tch tch. Must get priorities back in order.

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