Saturday, March 31, 2007

... and the Wedding Shawl is Done!

Here it is!

Hooray for sunny days, they make pictures a lot easier. And here's a photo that shows a little detail of the shadow-weave...

Yum yum yum. As I said to my customer - I am just tickled pink with this shawl! Twisting the fringe takes almost as long as it takes to weave the darn thing, but it would look odd without it, I think. And a short, hem-stitched loose fringe doesn't feel right either, though the yarn would stand up to it ok. The twisted fringe just looks more finished on a dressy shawl to my eye.

Off to get some work done on a throw that is currently on my big loom and a bamboo scarf that is all set to go on my little loom. Hooray for Saturdays!

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