Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bamboo, I love you!

So, I've actually gotten *another* custom request through my etsy store, I'm thrilled! This one is to make a shawl out of bamboo fiber that looks like this blue one that is for sale in my etsy shop, but made from these colors instead:

Lavender and black, it's going to be yummy! The lovely customer that ordered the shawl is going to wear it to an April wedding - bamboo is great for that, warm in the winter, but not too heavy if it's a warm day. Wish I had a wedding to go to this summer!

Wait a minute. I do! My fabulous niece, Marissa, is getting married this August to a lovely young man! Yippee! Maybe I'll make a shawl for myself, too... And one for my Mum, too, though I have one in reds lurking around that I really should get around to finishing. I should finish the darn thing (twist the fringe and wash it, I mean) and give it to Mum for the wedding, she looks fantastic in red. I wonder if she'd wear it? Maybe with a new dress that works with the colors? I've noticed that she, like me, never buys new clothes for herself... I should take her shopping.

So, on other fronts, we got a little heavy, wet snow here last night. Knocked down a big branch from our maple tree in our front yard, yikes. But the point is - Carlos and Bella went food shopping a little while ago, and I noticed the footprints they left on the deck on their way out:

Aren't kids great? (Bella's footprints are the little, meandering ones, obviously.) When I stop to actually listen/watch Bella, it's fun to realize how much you can learn from little ones about enjoying the journey through life instead of just rushing towards destinations. Pop psychology moment of the day. LOL.

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