Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wedding Shawl and Mr. Conall

So the commissioned wedding shawl is under way!

Yum. Really makes me think of spring - especially with a new little batch of crocus up in the yard today. This is the kind of project where I catch myself weaving slowly because I'm enjoying it so much. Whoops!

I realized recently that I haven't taken many photos of Conall. Probably because he hates the camera and it inevitably makes him cry. And he's got such a sweet smile, I wish I could catch him smiling! But I did take this one this morning - at least he's not pouting (about to, though). Not a very good pic of Bella (sorry, kiddo) - finger in her mouth.

He's a handsome little bald devil (in my so unbiased opinion, of course, lol) - he actually looks remarkably like Bella did as a baby, just more beefed up than her (he was two pounds bigger than her when he was born, after all) and more boyish.

Nice blankey, huh? Courtesy of Tio Ernesto and Tia Lexi, very nice present (there's a hat to match, too).

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Leigh said...

Gorgeous shawl. I love shadow weave. I'm just surfing WeaveRing and had to leave a comment when I saw what you've been up to lately.