Friday, March 9, 2007

Fridays Are Lucky

Wow, I made *three* sales today! Well, one definite sale and two inquiries about custom work... When it rains it pours!

But, at any rate, this scarf will shortly be going to a new home:

I've always really liked it, but feel like I've never managed to take a picture of it that does the colors and pattern justice... It's a combination of soft lilac, seafoam and golden brown yarns, woven in a shadow-weave diamond pattern, I think it's really lovely. I should have brought it outside on that sunny snow day - natural light helps so much! (That's what I used in this photo, but I took it inside, instead of outside.)

The two potential custom orders have me pretty excited, too - impetus to finally get my hand dyed cashmere/tencel skinny scarf off of my little loom! It's almost done, I just need to spend about a half hour on it, tops, to finish weaving, hemstitch, and cut it off the loom. No excuse, really, for still having it on there.

Well, apart from the fact that Conall has decided to take after his sister and will not nap for more than twenty minutes. AHHHH! (Aren't two month olds supposed to sleep a lot still?? Yeesh.)

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