Monday, April 7, 2008

Last Day at Pats Peak

So, yesterday was the official last day of skiing at Pats Peak in New Hampshire. We had to turn in Bella's seasonal rental skis and boots, so that's probably the end of the season for us, as well. (Wah!) (But, hey, we got up to Stowe for the first time in five years, I am so happy about that!)

Above - Bella (in pink) and Carlos (Mr. Skiingweaver - big guy in blue with orange boots) - waiting to get on the magic carpet for the little bunny hill (last week, actually, on a nice sunny Sunday).

The little pink kid in the middle of the frame (turning towards her left) is Ms. B (you can click on the photo to zoom in if you really want to, lol; I know my kids aren't nearly as interesting to you as they are to me!).

That's Carlos to her left, keeping an eye on her. This is the big bunny hill at Pats (have I mentioned what a nice little mountain it is for learning to ski?? pretty boring for Carlos and I, but really nice for her) - but she also conquered one of the green runs, off the Valley triple! The whole darn run, all by her self, a whole bunch of times. I'm so proud. LOL.

We'll worry about getting her to stand up straight, etc., next year. This year was all about learning how to control her speed and how to turn, and she does both gorgeously, connecting turns all the way down and stopping on a dime when somebody cuts in front of her/wipes out near her.

Can't wait until Conall is big enough to learn, too! We'll have him on cross country skis to tromp around in next year, just like we did with Bella. Gets them comfortable with the idea of having skis on their feet...

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pretty Pear Designs said...

I think I have the same pictures of my four year old taking her first skiing lesson at Jiminy Peak. -Oh I mistyped it is my father-in-law is who is the director of ski patrol. Great pictures. For the first time I was more excited for her to be on the mountain then myself. Thanks for your comments about my blog - glad I am not alone in feeling a bit disorganized. Well - off to clean lol!