Saturday, April 5, 2008

Open Studios - A Success!

We had Open Studios from noon - 5pm today at Western Avenue Studios. I learned a lot - including getting a *lot* more comfortable talking about my work with people - and also made some newbie mistakes.

For example, when you sell things that people wear, it's a really good idea to have a mirror. DOH! (I had thought of that earlier, forgot to write it down, and then forgot it completely... I know what I'll be buying tomorrow to put in the studio...)

I sold this wrap! Gone before I even posted it on Etsy... I am liking having another venue to sell things through. Anywho, I'm glad I took some pictures of this wrap before it went to its new home. An absolutely *lovely* woman bought it as a present for a niece. What a excellent aunt!

Some really fun folks came through - a Cub Scout group among them! The little guys were just great, full of really intelligent questions about how looms work. I was completely tickled to have another wrap on my loom that I'm currently actively weaving (instead of threading), so I could show them how it works. Kids are awesome, they're so wonderfully curious about everything.

So, even though I didn't get much actual work done (though I did manage to work out a really complicated doubleweave draft for a custom guitar strap for fellow EtsyFast member Black Mustard), it was a really nice day.


kimbuktu said...

Beautiful items, the quality is obvious, and it's great that they are eco friendly.


Congratulation on you first open Studio Day!! What a great way to start, I hope you have many more suceessful ones to come.

Marie said...

Oh, so that's why you bought a studio. Congrats on your first Open Studio Day. Here's to many more successes.

skiingweaver said...

Thanks guys.

LOL, Marie, I'm just renting... And I'm renting more so that I can have *space* and time to think without anybody saying "Moooooooommmmm" every two minutes... :) The Open Studios are just a nice side benefit!

blackmustard said...

Wow! That wrap is gorgeous! It looks sooooo pretty with the sunlight streaming in the window. Glad your Open Studio Day was a success. I'll bet that people being able to see you at work makes them want your pieces even more!

woolies said...

wow, beautiful.
are you in Worcester, MA? That is where my husband grew up..