Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wednesday Artist Profile

So, I am attempting to start a new series here on my little blog... I thought I'd find an Etsy person to profile each week and do a little write-up.

First up, is the lovely Vicky, of The Jade Poppy. Check out this pendant (I really love it):

Isn't that lovely?

The neat thing is - Vicky is an Etsy newbie, but I know her because she has the studio next to mine at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell! She has been incredibly kind and helpful (including giving Carlos and I great advice on how to finish that floor...). She sells/creates gorgeous original paintings - abstract landscapes - in her WAS studio, and I'm hoping she'll post some of them in her Etsy shop. But in the meantime, I love the things she does have listed!

Really like her pendants, like this one, too:

It would go really nicely with a zippy pouch made of fabric with an Asian theme that I got from another Etsy seller (SmittenOriginals) ...

OK, last but not least, I *adore* these earrings:

I was seriously going to buy these. But somebody beat me to the punch - argh! Congrats to Vicky on the sale, but - argh! LOL!

Hmmm, maybe she'll have some more on Saturday - which is Open Studios day at Western Avenue Studios! If you're in the area (Lowell, Massachusetts, northwest of Boston), please stop by and meet Vicky (and me, lol, and 100+ other artists) in person.

Next week, I'm going to be profiling somebody from the EtsyFAST street team (Fiber Arts), assuming she gives me permission. :)


Merily said...

I love that green crow pendant! :)

WildDogStudio said...

I just checked out her shop, she has some great stuff. My favorite is the first one, love the green!

Melissa said...

Awesome feature!! How great of you to feature a 'newbie' - she happens to be very talented; I love those pendants. If I still lived in NY I'd drive up to meet you ladies. Hey maybe one day we'll have an etsy convention! LOL

Brit said...

I love your pendants!

Brit said...

* the pendants you chose, sorry

Verde said...

oh my gosh! I'm so red right now! :)
Kristen your the BEST!!!

I actually DO have another etsy account where I sell my woodblock paintings if anyone is interested its:

Thank you to everyone for your kind words and encouragement! I have new cool earrings coming up next week so stay tuned.


gonga said...

How lovely to be surrounded by such tallented people. Your studio sounds lovely, I just wish I could pop by on Saturday, a bit too far to go for a day trip from England!!!Have a good day though.