Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wednesday Artist Profile - North Star Alpacas

For my Wednesday Artist Profile this week, I chose Ms. Maple of North Star Alpacas (Etsy) and Alpaca Granny blog fame.

Maple was one of the first people to welcome me to Etsy, and is one of nicest folks I've "met" through Etsy. She is unfailingly supportive as a member of EtsyFAST (the Fiber Arts Street Team) (the first time one of my items appeared on the front page of Etsy, it was thanks to one of Maple's many, many Treasuries), and is never the type to toot her own horn. So I thought I'd toot it for her - she sure deserves it!

Oh, man, what a handsome devil! This is Polaris, North Star Alpaca's herd sire. And this darling lady is Ariana:

Her fiber is Maple's favorite to spin! Because, yup, you guessed it, Maple creates fabulous handspun yarn (so, all you weavers/knitters out there, take note!).

Isn't that gorgeous? (Buy it here!) Or how about some hand-dyed, mill-spun yarn?

OK, one more, I just can't help myself, I love Maple's work...

Wow! A hand-spun, hand-dyed, hand-knit hat. I purchased one of Maple's gorgeous hats earlier this winter and it is lovely. Just beautifully constructed and even prettier than it was in the pictures, I was hugely impressed. And, as a lovely added touch, she includes a photo of the alpaca that the fleece/yarn came from with your purchase!

If you'd like to learn more about Maple and her lovely alpacas, please do check out her blog, Alpaca Granny. It's always an entertaining, informative, fun read.


island sweet said...

i'm a huge fan of northstar alpaca and maple too. she draws you into her warm and caring world. you've captured her spirit!

woolies said...

Awesome to see one of my VERY favorite etsy people featured! Maple's handspun yarns are some of the best I've ever encountered, and she is so warm and kind. I just finished an elephant from Maple's yarn, that she spun just for this project.
Thank you Maple!!!!!

Marie said...

Maple has been kind and supportive to me as well. I am grateful.

Kristen said...

great post Kristin! I love all that she has in her shop especially the personal touch of the alpaca!

Alpaca Granny said...

I know it's hokey, but I have tears this a.m. reading your blog, Kristen, and these lovely comments. Thanks everyone. It's so amazing that folks that we have never seen can become an important part of our world.
♥ Maple

Colorado Knitter said...

There is nothing like knowing where an item really comes from. Especially when so much love and care goes into it! Loved reading more about Maple. I have been checking in on her blog for a while now:-)

Marianne said...

Maple is totally awesome!!!!

skiingweaver said...

I am so pleased to see all the love that Maple is getting here... Couldn't happen to a nicer person. You deserve it, Maple!! :)