Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wenesday Artist Profile - JeMSjewels

And now for something completely different... I love my fiber friends, but I thought it might be nice to feature a different kind of seller this week. Mindy's shop, JeMSjewels has really managed to catch my eye.

Isn't that a lovely necklace? It's a Made to Order Mother's Day Birthstone Necklace. You let Mindy know the birthstones that you want included (for your kids, hubby, yourself, whomever you wish), and she'll make you a lovely, custom necklace!

(Are you reading this Carlos? HINT HINT! January, April, February and another January...)

Next up, a bracelet that really appeals to me, too:

Jade and Pyrite bracelet. I'm a sucker for jade, for some reason, and circle motifs get me every time, too. I like that the clasp on this bracelet has a swirl design, too... Another piece I'd love to own!

Another necklace that I really like -

A really strikingly simple design. Love it! Buy it here before I do! :)

Well, I was going to stop there, but then I noticed this necklace:

Yup, more jade. Chunky carved jade and moonstone necklace (yes, I really am a sucker for jade...). It even comes with matching earrings! Beautiful!

Mindy, by the way, is a stay-at-home-mom like myself. As she puts it "But every piece of jewelry I make is my release from poopy diapers, snot noses and questions that start with "Why"! A big salute to all you mom's out there!!!"

LOL. I love a lady who tells it like it is. And I also really, really appreciate all the hard work that moms do, from when our children are small right on through to adulthood...

Having a creative outlet is so key to preserving sanity sometimes, in all stages of life - am I right?

Tune in next Wednesday for another profile! (And hopefully a post or two before them, I've been lax lately, and I have some good weaving stuff to talk about too, argh!)


Mindy said...

Thank so much for the profile Kristin!! I'm so honored, you do such a great job on your blog! I'm having a sale in my shop right now to celebrate Earth day - so come on in and check it out!!

Leigh said...

I'm not much on jewelry either, but these are gorgeous! Thanks for the information.

island sweet said...

i look forward to your wed. feature! such wonderful choices...