Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Apple Cider Tendel

Another productive morning! Ms. B was at preschool again (for two hours this time, wowzers), and I managed to photograph and post another scarf in my etsy shop:

And here's a close up of the structure (it's a turned twill, I used six colors of Tencel, ranging from deep brown to lemongrass green, olive and purple - a lot of fun to weave!):

(And, no, my selvedges aren't uneven - that's just a fold in the scarf near the bottom.)

I listed this one as part of the EtsyFAST September challenge - looks like apple cider to me!


madison t said...

forgive me for commenting on such an old entry, but i have to say something about this color combination, and that something is "wow!" "apple cider" is the perfect name for this.

also i (and my non-weaving significant other) am really, really impressed by the ruffly, ripply tencel-and-merino scarf you posted more recently. your blog is very inspiring to me.

skiingweaver said...

Oh, thanks so much! I loved this scarf (and it's mate from the same warp), it was almost sad to sell them.... And thanks about those ripples! I've got another one off the loom and washed that I think came out a bit better, actually... Must finish the hems and post it!