Monday, September 24, 2007

Mobile Baby

Hey, guess who has really started to crawl?

Yup, Carlos. (Just kidding - Conall, of course.) It's great to see, of course, but at the same time... Yikes! This kid already manages to get into *everything* it's going to be insane keeping up with him once he really gets going. I have no idea if this is early/late/average to be crawling (he's about 8 1/2 months and quite the pudge)... Bella didn't crawl until she was almost ready to walk (she walked late - talked insanely early, but walked very late) - she scooted around on her bum instead! Very funny, if you've never seen a kid do it, it's hilarious. It also has the side benefit of being quite a bit slower than crawling (i.e. easier to run block...) Conall has also started saying "Ta-Da!" once in a while when he picks up something like a Cheerio, while holding it up victoriously. Probably doesn't count as a first word, but it's very cute. Funny little man.

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