Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Moonlight Llamas

While in Stowe, I was lucky enough to meet a fellow Etsy FAST (Fiber Arts Street Team) member!

Jan, of Moonlight Llamas, is about as sweet as can be... She lived in Stowe (Vermont) for 25 years (I am HUGELY jealous!), and now lives in Montpelier - Vermont's lovely little capital city. As you can probably tell from her shop name, she works with llama fiber, and has her very own llamas (again, I am hugely jealous). For an interesting Wiki article about llamas, click here. And check out this picture from that article:

Whoah. Lllama over-looking (over-lording? lol!) Machu Picchu, how cool is that?? (Peru is on our short list of places to travel to next - oooh, the thought of all the indigenous textiles make me giddy...)

Jan has some lovely things in her shop! Gorgeous felted hats, felted soap, teddy bears, decorations... Check out these absolutely adorable booties:

Too cute!! Being a serious craft addict with a short attention span, I'm a complete sucker for kits that let me try something new. And Jan sells needle felting kits. Here's one of them:

You can try your own hand at needle felting a design onto the bag! Of if you're not in DIY mood, you can buy a bag that's already been beautifully decorated by Jan:

At any rate, do check out her shop, she's a lovely lady and I was just completely tickled pink to meet a FAST-er with a Stowe connection! (We'll be staying at the Golden Eagle Lodge this weekend, Friday night - Tuesday morning, Jan, maybe we'll see you again!)


Alpaca Granny said...

So special that you got to meet Jan. Wouldn't it be awesome to have an EtsyFAST get together?

skiingweaver said...

That would be a *huge* amount of fun! We should plan a Convention, lol...