Friday, February 1, 2008

Ruffles Galore!

So, here's the latest installment in the experimenting with differential shrinkage saga:

Hee! I love it! Not quite a poofy as the last one (which I thought was a bit tooo poofy), but still all ruffly and fun. Here's another pic:

I have listed it in my etsy shop, but this is one of those ones that I kind of want to keep for myself. Ah well, I can always make another, maybe in a different colorway (I'm very partial to purples on myself after all)... Fun - I'm loving this texture!


Sara said...

Kristin - I'm a new weaver and love your scarves! They're exactly the type of weaving that I hoped to explore when I got my loom. Is this scarf also merino + tencel? What a neat effect!

skiingweaver said...

Hey, I love new weavers! :) Yup, this is merino and tencel, differential shrinkage is fun, lol.

Weavermania Productions said...

they are gorgeous!!! i find your work so inspiring!! keep it up little lady :)