Thursday, February 14, 2008

Productive Day

I've actually been productive today! I managed to take photos of the first of a couple scarves from my latest project on my little loom:

It's smokey blue, sage green and kind of an off-white putty-ish sort of color. I even got it listed in my Etsy shop, wow...

I changed my listings, too, to reflect accurate shipping costs overseas. Man, shipping is expensive!! I sent a custom scarf to a lovely customer in Australia - thank goodness it fit into a flat rate Priority Mail envelope (for $11), if I had boxed it up and sent it in a Tyvek Priority Mail envelope as I do for domestic shipments, it would have been $21! That's outrageous!

And, last but not least, I have another ruffle scarf (pink and black this time) getting ruffled in the washing machine as I type.

Can you tell that both kids are actually napping at the same time?? (This is as rare as a Red Sox World Championship, lol!)


DreamWoven said...

i love your weaving!

question on the shipping.... do you insure your goods when you ship them internationally?

I ship overseas as well, but I ALWAYS add insurance. Only Priority Mail Int'l & Express Mail come with some built in indemnity/insurance... and you can add insurance amounts to it. that's what seems to make it so expensive... but it gives me and my customers piece of mind.

but you are right... the prices are INSANE!!!!!!!

skiingweaver said...

Hi Rachel! Thank you! :)

Well, happily, so far at least, everything I've shipped overseas has been <$100, and since I ship Priority International, my understanding is that coverage up to $100 is included. If I ever ship a shawl or other larger piece, I'll definitely hand over yet more buckage for more insurance...

But I could very well be wrong - the USPS is not only crazy-expensive, it's rules can be unreadable! Yeeks! (lol)

DreamWoven said...

... actually i think the Priority Int'l Mail comes with $68 worth of indemnity/insurance.

it's funny.... but our prices (USPS) arent really that far out of the ballpark when you start looking at what other countries are paying (but you have to compare apples to apples). I've never really had anyone balk at the prices for shipping, so that's a good thing :)